Vacation Haul | 2016

The reason behind me not blogging for a while is because my family and I took a month long vacation in the Philippines. But no worries, I am back in the States, finished editing some of the photos I took and will try to publish at least once or twice a week. And I’ll probably start working on the posts sometime next week or whenever I am free, since I start working again next week. So let me start this vacation posts with this vacation haul.

These are just things that I bought and others are from my lovely friends.

Thank You, 2016!

Few things why I am writing this post: (1) I miss writing/blogging and (2) I have free wifi again! And I know, I’m like a week late for publishing this post, forgive me for being late, but you know – better late than never!

Let me start by saying, Happy New Year! How are your New Years? How’s your 2016? I’m telling you, my 2016 was great – more like a roller coaster of happenings and a lot to be thankful for! And since we’re talking about my last year, let me share you few of my highlights!