Packing 101: Do’s and Dont’s

I do not really go on a big trip but when I do, it’s because of family stuff. And just this weekend we head out to Virginia to be on a family relatives’ christening. Yup, that was my first time to be out of the state and pack clothes and stuff. I have been to New York and Pennsylvania if that counts as a trip, but never have I ever brought a luggage and few clothes in it.

Life Lately: How’s My Long Weekend?

I would have done a Life Lately post instead of this one, but having Life Lately post seems to be a clutter on my blog and another blog category that I will eventually forget doing.

I’ve been again, MIA from the blog. A lot of happenings and most definitely – didn’t have that much time to use the laptop to write something. Though, yes I have been writing drafts onmy phone but never transferred it on the blog or something. So before another week of work starts again, here I am writing and finishing this post. 

Five Years

We all meet someone who will leave photos and significant memories in our lives. Whether it may be the guy who made a promise to you when you were young; the guy who loved you so much or the guy who broke your heart. Either way they still somehow left a mark in your life and taught you life lessons. Right?

I do come across several people online and not so much in person. And sometimes, I get too attached and make instant connections to those whom I met online. These people I met online were the ones who I have proven to stick with my life, through thick and thin; though we miss communicating for a week or month – I still know that I will always have a friend to run and talk to. And you’d be so lucky if you’ve met them. Well then I am lucky and I am happy that I have met someone online and knew them personally.

Two Day Staycation

I haven’t had a long weekend ever since I started to work. We work almost every day of the year except holidays and my regular off which is Monday. It’s not really that bad since I only work until noon, but I had to start early – and I still get to rest the whole afternoon, maybe watch a movie on Netflix or just sleep.

But today, Sunday, as I write this post we haven’t been working since Saturday or we’re working on our driveway instead. As you all know, Snow Storm Jonas hit East Coast on Saturday, and it affected us. It started snowing around Friday night and when we wake up Saturday morning, everything is covered in white!